AvivaEquity Release

Aviva provides savings, insurance and investment products to approximately 14 million consumers in the UK. With strong commitment to serving customers and more than a century of experience, Aviva is a leader in the financial services industry and is a strong & recognised brand.

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Hodge LifetimeEquity Release

Hodge Lifetime opened its doors to equity release schemes in 1965. The company has successfully offered retirement products to homeowners since the beginning. Almost every year they have received an award for their financial and retirement products. Hodge Lifetime does not sell directly to consumers, but via qualified, equity release advisers who are able to compare equity release products to help their clients. For retirement products Hodge Lifetime has three lifetime mortgages, all with different benefits and features.

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Canada LifeEquity Release

Canada Life, formally known as Stonehaven and Retirement Advantage, has offered equity release plans since 2006. Their products are available to anyone over 55 who is in need of a lifetime mortgage. They provide a variety of different types of equity releases, while maintaining their award-winning status. Canada Life follows all Equity Release Council and Financial Conduct Authority requirements including the no negative equity guarantee. Their products come with fixed interest rates for the life of the loan, with a transfer option, as well as interest only lifetime mortgage product.

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Legal & GeneralEquity Release

Legal & General, formally known as Newlife, launched in 2003 offering equity release, mortgages, and landlord finance products. Their original mission was to provide equity release products to homeowners via lifetime mortgages. Since their formation Newlife has added more products including home reversion options. Company employees combine to offer more than 30 years experience in financial products. They take the Equity Release Council and Financial Conduct Authority regulations seriously. Lifetime mortgage products provided by Newlife include a standard lifetime mortgage, flexible lump sum lifetime mortgage, and second home lifetime mortgage.

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One FamilyEquity Release

OneFamily are the latest equity release provider to enter the market with lump sum, voluntary repayment and interest only lifetime mortgage products.

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more2lifeEquity Release

More2Life is an award winning lender in the equity release industry. For several years, they have offered lifetime mortgages to consumers. With various products on the market they provide the over 55s with retirement funds to live more comfortable as they age. More2Life is a member of the Equity Release Council and careful to follow the Code of Conduct. They also adhere to Financial Conduct Authority regulations. More2Life works with Partnership Assurance annuity specialists to provide their plans.

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LV=Equity Release

LV= began as the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society back in 1843. It has made many strides since with offering financial products for the masses. A variety of financial products including equity releases are attainable through LV=. Approximately 5 million consumers use their products, which also include insurance and income protection. LV= offers at least two equity release options: lump sum and flexible lifetime mortgage.

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Pure RetirementEquity Release

Pure Retirement is one of the most recent lenders to enter the Equity Release market with their initial plans being tailored for Lifetime Mortgages. They now have lump sum and drawdown plans with generous incentives available.

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Just RetirementEquity Release

Just Retirement entered the equity release market in 2004 to provide UK consumers with a more stable retirement. To do this they offer equity release products. Just Retirement also provides annuities. Just Retirement specialise in equity release products including two lifetime mortgages.

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