Which Company Offers the Best Equity Release Advice Service?

When considering an equity release scheme, many people begin by looking for the best equity release advice service. The company providing the best possible advice will depend entirely on your specific circumstances, but it is worth taking the time to research your options and there are several considerations which can ensure you locate the best service provider for you.

Quality of Service
Obviously, customer care and quality of service is a huge consideration. All equity release advisors are highly regulated for the protection of consumers, but they all offer a different quality of service. Some companies provide advice over the phone; others offer a face to face service; while some companies provide both. They should make prompt actions and facilitate the scheme being finalised as efficiently as possible. The desired quality of service will depend on your needs, but it is always a good idea to try to obtain a recommendation or referral for a company who provides a great quality of service.

Best Deals on the Market
When looking for the best equity release advice, you will want to find a service offering the best deals on the market. Advisors can be independent or tied to a specific company and product range. You may find that independent advisors have a wider access to the products on the market and a greater likelihood of finding the best possible deal for you.

Cost Effective Fees
The fees associated with arranging an equity release scheme can mount up, so it is important to secure the best equity release advice possible for the most cost effective fees. Fees can vary greatly, but it is important to understand that the cheapest fee may not be the most cost effective. Some companies may charge a slightly higher advisor fee but include a free valuation or offer a contribution towards your legal expenses.

Nationwide Sales Force
Companies with a nationwide sales force can prove to be the most convenient for arranging your equity release. This ensures that you have access to the best equity release advice possible regardless of where you live.

Financial Stability
In these troubling economic times, it is important to be assured that your chosen advisor is part of a company which offers financial stability. This ensures that your scheme can be finalised without any undue worry or stress.

Industry Recognised
Ideally, for the best equity release advice, you will choose a company which is industry recognised and has won awards for their service. Reputable and established companies pride themselves on displaying any awards and accreditation they have received.

Efficient Administration
Nothing is more frustrating than lost paperwork and administrative delays. In order to receive the best equity release advice service, your chosen company must have an efficient administration system in place. Before committing to a service, check the small details such as if they return your call promptly, if they answer your enquiry efficiently and are they polite and professional. This will provide an indication of the quality of their administrative support.

Friendly Service
You will be providing a great amount of personal financial information, so you need to feel comfortable with your chosen advisor. You should check whether they offer a friendly and professional service, making you feel confident and comfortable.

If you are interested in obtaining the best equity release advice service, it is worth taking a little time to research your options. Reputable and established companies appreciate that you may be concerned and will happily answer any questions or queries you may have. By assuring yourself that they meet the above criteria, you can proceed with confidence knowing you have secured the best possible advice.